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We believe that meaningful relationships complement our professional care.

Companionship at NovaCare

Companionship is having someone else to spend time with.

A companion gives you someone to talk to, do activities with, talk too and share stories.

At NovaCare, we offer companionship as part of our homecare and social services, because we believe that meaningful relationships further compliment our professional care.

If companionship is something you are looking for or to enquire about our other homecare services, please use our contact page.

Benefits of Companionship

As we age, our social circles tend to shrink and we spend time interacting with fewer people inside and outside of home.

With such little time spent each week interacting with others, it’s possible to experience the negative effects of isolation, such as loneliness.

At NovaCare, we’re able to create experiences where our clients can stay social and connected by interacting with other people and doing fun and interesting activities together.

Together, we can enjoy activities of hobbies, games, conversations, learning, outdoor activities and more!

Companionship as Part of Social Services

For clients who prefer not to leave their home, we can bring activities to them. Our staff members can stop by with games like chess or jigsaw puzzles and spend time chatting and interacting with the client, maybe over a hot meal too!

We have our own 12-seater buses that we use to take people out for lunch at a club or restaurant where they can mingle and enjoy a nice meal with others. This shared time together as a group allows individuals to meet new people, stay active and engaged.

Companionship Success Story

One of the gentlemen we provide services to, John, used to be a representative rugby league player.

He’s developed a friendship with one of our carers, who spends time with him reminiscing about footy and his days as a player.

As a result of their friendship, the family has told us that John’s energy levels are up after he’s had the chance to remember his career with someone really interested in those stories.

The family really appreciated the engagement our carer provides and how well John has reacted to it.

Contact NovaCare for More Information

NovaCare is a non for profit organisation based in the Hunter, NSW. Please note that:

  • Our carers provide professional services to people’s homes
  • We work with homecare package holders of all levels
  • Our staff are kind and caring
  • Clients are able to receive support customised to their situation

Please use our contact page to leave an enquiry or phone us.

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  • Can a NovaCare staff member help with activities such as domestic chores and transport where appropriate?

    Yes, they can.

    Our staff can support clients in many ways depending on the circumstances and the client’s preferences during the visit.

  • How often does a NovaCare staff member typically visit?

    The frequency of visits is typically driven by the needs of the consumer and the amount of government assistance available.

    For some people, we are in their house every day to support them with various tasks. For people with more high-level needs, we may schedule visits multiple times a day. For others, we may only visit once a fortnight to help clean or provide companionship support.

  • What is the difference between companionship and personal care?

    Companionship is centered around activities that the person wants to do.

    Some of our clients may want to go out and have a coffee at a coffee shop, or they may prefer to enjoy a leisurely walk around the park.

    Personal care, on the other hand, is centered around assisting the person to get ready for the day.

    For example, assistance with showering, cleaning, preparing meals or organising medication. These are necessary activities that support daily living, not necessarily something that supports social connections.

  • Is social isolation common among older adults?

    Yes, it’s a large issue. Mandatory isolations as a result of COVID-19 measures have exacerbated the issue of loneliness in our community; more people are feeling isolated than ever before.

    Realising the extent of the problem, we’ve made efforts to get back into the community and help! One initiative we’ve introduced is called “scone time,” where we go out and visit new venues to advertise our services and see if people want to link up with others in their community.

    During scone time, we bring people together with old-style tea sets and serve fresh scones and cream. Just getting dressed and having a cup of tea with someone really lifts people’s spirits.

    Like everyone, older adults should be visible and engaged in their community. We look to create experiences that allow them to network with others and have a bit of fun too.

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