Respite Care in Your Home

Respite Care at Your Home

NovaCare proudly offers respite in your home services.

This service is suitable for people and families who wish to be supported at home, to give a primary caregiver a much needed break.

Our wonderful staff will visit your home to spend time with you and support you as necessary.

Respite at your home is available on both regular (i.e. weekly) and adhoc scheduling.

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How to Access Respite Care in Your Home

NovaCare’s existing clients and families are welcome to speak with their case manager to start the discussion.

Our services are also accessible to non NovaCare clients too, please contact our office to enquire.

Respite at your home can take place in varying frequencies, such as small amounts of time during the day, overnight, systematic or adhoc respite surrounding an event (i.e caregiver wishes to attend a wedding interstate).

How is Respite In Your Home Different to Domestic Supports? 

The primary difference between the two is:

  • Domestic supports are suitable for specific tasks, such as cleaning
  • Respite in your home is suitable for 1:1 holistic support. For example, staying overnight and making lunch for a person who requires that support

Our staff are kind and caring. NovaCare will endeavour to form a meaningful relationship through discussions, common interests and activities between ourselves and our clients.

We are often contacted to provide respite in your home for reasons such as post-hospitalisation support or simply regular respite.

Ready to Enquire About Respite at Your Home?

NovaCare provides professional homecare services to people throughout the Hunter, please know that:

  • We are a non for profit organisation
  • Our phones are available 24/7
  • We offer a host of services including nursing care, Allied health and transportation
  • We are kind and caring

Please use our contact page for any enquiries.

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  • Can I receive both respite at home as well as your facility?


    People can access both our Ailsa Craig Cottage at Hamilton, as wel as receive respite supports at home.

    We provide a mixture of day and overnight respite options (tailored to your requirements). 

    There are times when it is financially cheaper to access a group respite setting, these types of funding considerations can be discussed in detail with our team.

  • How quickly can I access your respite in your home services?

    In most cases, one month is a general guideline.

    For existing NovaCare clients and emergency cases, this timeframe can often be much shorter, assuming we have capacity.

    For private or new applicants, we need to ensure that we can provide appropriate care to that person. We will ask questions surrounding topics such as medication, behaviours etc to appropriately strategise our supports.

  • I’m not a NovaCare client. Can I contact you to establish the cost of this service?

    Yes, we’d love that. There are many options to discuss, such as

    • Private payment of the respite service
    • Support from the Australian Government’s carer gateway –
    • Accessing our respite services through your current (non-Novacare) homecare provider
    • Transitioning from your current provider to NovaCare

    NovaCare services are never-lock in, and we will do our best to safeguard your preferences.

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