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Home Garden & Maintenance

NovaCare proudly supports homecare package consumers (new & existing clients) with home, garden and maintenance services.

Home, garden and maintenance can become an issue for people as they age. Oftentimes, people do not own the right equipment or want to organise external contractors to complete this, or the scheduling of the service is not happening as they might want.

Home, garden & maintenance services can be covered in a home care package.

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Home, Garden & Maintenance Services Available

We help homecare package consumers with:

  • Regular lawn mowing
  • Hedge maintenance
  • Planting new flora
  • Removing rubbish or green waste
  • Pressure washing
  • Home maintenance and repairs

NovaCare has three teams of grounds and gardens with equipped utes to support people with their grounds and gardens daily. We also have a suite of contractors who are available to provide services for people at home.

How Can I Find Out If I’m Eligible to Receive Home, Garden & Maintenance Support?

Please simply contact your Case Manager and they will assist you.

Home, garden and maintenance services are available to NovaCare HomeCare Packages consumers from level one to four.

These services are very often utilised by higher level packages. People tend to priotirise this service so that they can enjoy their home and outdoor settings in a safer environment.

Book Home, Garden & Maintenance Services with NovaCare

NovaCare is a non-for-profit organisation that supports homecare package consumers throughout the Hunter, NSW. Please note

  • We welcome enquiries from new and existing clients
  • We can tailor support scheduling to times that suit you
  • You are not locked into our services
  • We can support you in more ways than just home, garden and maintenance

Please use our contact page for any enquiries. We’d love to hear from you!

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