Nursing Care

Nursing Care for HomeCare Package Clients

NovaCare has a number of Registered Nurses (RN) employed to support your care.

Our expert RNs are available to respond to immediate and ongoing care needs.

Our nurses have their own vehicles and attend people’s homes to provide general clinical care, as well as specialised services.

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Nursing Healthcare Services Available

 Our RNs help people with clinical care such as:

  • Wound care
  • Catheter care
  • Medication management
  • Diabetes management
  • Pre & post hospital care
  • Nursing assessments
  • Tube feeding supports
  • Ongoing support, education & referrals
  • Colostomy care
  • Continence care
  • COVID-19 care

In addition to this, we have RN’s that are involved in regular reviews of our HomeCare package customers. Our RN’s supervise the clinical care being provided in our home care package consumers homes so that they can remain living at home as safely as possible.

NovaCare’s Experience Providing Nursing

NovaCare was founded over 30 years ago. NovaCare has always had a clinical component in the offering of homecare services.

Our nursing team has continually grown and we currently have 8 Registered Nurses and 4 Endorsed Enrolled Nurses to respond to the needs of our community.

We are experienced in supporting older adults living with medical conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease and more. In the case where a consumer requires expertise out of our scope, we are able to organise referrals to appropriate professionals.

Our nurses work in conjunction with our Allied health professionals to deliver holistic care to our wonderful clients.

Support from NovaCare’s Administration

NovaCare’s wonderful administration team are here to save people time and assist in the coordination of nursing and other healthcare supports. We’ll help with:

  • Delivery of medication & equipment to people’s homes
  • Booking referrals with our inhouse Physios/OTs or external Allied health providers
  • Ongoing management of long term cases (e. project management of home modifications)
  • Management of homecare funding
  • Communication between relevant healthcare providers

By offering nursing care, we strive to uphold our value of “Excellence” – We are an expert and passionate team of professionals, recognised as leaders and innovators in community aged care.

Nursing Care To Your Hunter Door – Contact NovaCare Today

Now is the right time to contact NovaCare.

If a person is already on a home care package with NovaCare, they will have a dedicated case manager to speak with.

The starting point would be to initiate a conversation with us, identify your concerns and book an RN to visit your home. The RN will visit you in your home to discuss the situation, perform relevant assessments and respond to the clinical issue that has been identified.

NovaCare will have close liaison with the person’s GP, who is another central participant on the care of our clients.

To get started, please use our contact page.

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Nursing Care FAQ

  • How does post hospitalisation care work?

    This could happen in a few different ways;

    • If one of our customers is in hospital, the case manager closely works with the hospital to understand when the person is going to be discharged. We have an ability to have services ready to go when that person returns home.
    • Hospitals have short term support programs (such as STRC) – the hospital can engage a provider such as NovaCare so that we can provide supplementary care services when people have come home after surgery or major event.
  • In what ways do NovaCare nurses help with healthcare reviews?

    As part of homecare packages (namely level 3 and 4), there are 4 and 6 monthly reviews involving our RNs.

    Our RNs will attend the home, review the care plan and also the assessments. The purpose of this is to identify changes (i.e. weight fluctuations, changes in behaviour), ensure existing supports are appropriate and identify any new supports that may benefit the person.

    NovaCare is passionate about helping people to live at home, their way. Reviews are an essential part of managing the clinical care of someone who wishes to live independently.

  • Does NovaCare offer nursing services to people that are not NovaCare HomeCare package recipients?

    Typically not.

    Private engagements are usually done when a hospital directly contacts us for short term care and the patient would usually transition to a NovaCare client.

    We advocate for choice and control.


  • I’m an existing NovaCare client, how can I find out the cost of nursing care and how it alters my homecare funding?

    Our homecare package pricing is published on the MyAgedCare website.

    For a person who requires more nursing care, there would be discussions between the person and their consented family.

    Our lovely administration team are here to support people and provide monthly reports on expenditure, unused funds and so forth.


  • What is consumer directed care?

    Consumer directed care is consumers being involved in helping to identify the services that they want to help them live at home.

    When someone applies for a home care package the Aged Care Assessment Team will visit them in their home and as part of the process – identify clinical needs that the applicant has.

    There is then a discussion on how we can work together to meet some of these needs (i.e. identifying a meal delivery service with food preferences in mind).

    Consumer directed care is about providing control to a person and a way of expressing their requirements in their own, meaningful way.

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