Personal Care Services

At NovaCare we support you to be the best you that you can be with a holistic approach to health and well being that includes your emotional, social, mental and physical health.

Personal Care Services

Personal care is a specialty support service that NovaCare provides.

These services require our staff to have a Certificate III Individual Support Aging qualification (or higher) in order to appropriately assist consumers.

We assist consumers with personal care tasks such as showering, dressing, grooming, medication management, toileting and other personal tasks.

These services are delivered to people’s homes on routine schedules. To enquire, please use our contact page.

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Personal Care Services at a Glance

  • Personal care – assistance with bathing, dressing and toileting
  • Assisting your medications
  • Clinical care and wound management
  • Hospital to home assistance
  • Assistance from our Registered Nurses
  • Access to dental, vision and hearing services
  • Focus on social wellbeing, health and fitness
  • Exercise classes
  • Health and mobility programs
  • Access to allied services like podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian and speech therapy.
  • Rehabilitation Support
  • Oxygen requirements
  • Continence management
  • Local support 24/7

Why We Offer Personal Care

Personal care is a key part of enabling older adults to stay living at home.

As people age, they may no longer have the mobility or capability to do certain care tasks independently. The home care support we provide is therefore critical in enabling people to comfortably remain in an environment they enjoy and are familiar with.

We also employ a team of registered nurses and case managers who coordinate all consumer care and follow-up as required. We strive to offer as much holistic support as possible.

NovaCare has proudly operated in the Hunter for over 30 years, and Personal Care is one way we take care of our own.

How Personal Care Services are Delivered

When families first reach out to us to inquire about our services, many have a broad understanding of what they need.

There may be tasks that family members are able to do, like prepare meals and assist with transport, however, most are looking for additional support to ensure their older relative is living comfortably at home.

Initially, our intake team will have a conversation with the family to discuss support needs. Once families have chosen to use NovaCare’s services, they will be assigned a case manager who will visit the consumer and their caregivers. From there, they will mutually develop a care plan to provide customised supports.

We will then assign a small team of staff to that client while they receive services from NovaCare. These interactions can be intimate, so we try and keep a relatively small number of people involved.

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We understand that our homes are a safe place.

Families wish to invite a trusted number of people into their houses, and it can be a big deal to open your home to new and unfamiliar staff.

When we orientate staff to NovaCare, we always ensure they understand the sensitives around working in someone’s home and how the consumer may feel when they see them for the first time.

When we’re in the home, we take direction from the consumers and their family based on their needs and expectations, all of which is written in a care plan. We always treat people with dignity and respect whilst performing our personal care duties.

To make an enquiry and receive support from our kind administrative staff, please use our contact page.

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  • How are caregivers assigned?

    When starting with our case manager, we will cover everything from medical requirements to personal preferences.

    For example, some consumers may have a preference as to whether the caregiver is male and female.

    The case manager is also involved in introducing new staff members to the consumer. We want our consumers to be happy with our staff and we are always receptive to feedback.

  • How often does a caregiver typically visit for personal care?

    The amount of time a caregiver will spend with a consumer can vary depending on the requirements of the service.

    For regular activities, such as showering and cooking meals, there will be a consistent schedule.

    Our team is also be available for other ancillary needs as well, such as visiting a client at the hospital or accompanying them to a doctor’s appointment.

    As things change, the case manager reviews what is appropriate and how much funding may be available to provide for additional services.

    If someone has a wound or is feeling unwell, one of our registered nurses may need to be involved in supporting them. If a client is hospitalised, we can also then have a discussion with the family about additional services that may be needed to help the individual transition back to their normal self at home.

  • How does personal care contribute to a person's quality of life?

    The personal care support our team provides enables people to stay living in their own homes longer with greater comfort.

    If it weren’t for our team, the nursing care and support services we regularly deliver, many of our consumers who are live independently may be in residential aged care facilities instead.

    Most people are very passionate about staying in their own home. At NovaCare, we strive to make that wish possible for both clients and their families.

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