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❤️❤️❤️Around Newcastle and the Hunter we have a lot of people over 70 who are self-isolating in their homes as they have been encouraged to do, to look after their health. In our own neighbourhoods, people are not having any visitors now. At NovaCare we know this can be very lonely and that people need to feel supported and connected to their communities more than ever.

As a local Community Organisation, NovaCare is asking you, our community to get on board with a wonderful initiative called "Wall Heart". To help fill the lives of older people with love, colour and pictures. These people are living around you, they could be your grandparents, neighbours or people living in other neighbourhoods. So get the young and young at heart in your home to make some colourful “Wall Heart”. Send them to your grandparents, put them in your neighbour's letter box or mail them to us. We have over 1,500 older people who are part of our NovaFamily and we will distribute your drawings to them.

Please share! Let’s reach as many people as we can through this initiative to help combat isolation and surprise and delight as many people as we can get. Send your drawings to us at:

Wall Heart

PO Box 240, Carrington NSW 2294

If you are a teacher, organisation or individual wishing to know more, call Simone Parker or Teresa Brown on 1300 363 654.

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