Domestic Supports

Domestic Supports

NovaCare is proud to provide carer support to help people with their everyday living and domestic duties. These services are commonly in relation to:

  • Housekeeping
  • Cleaning
  • Washing

At NovaCare, we believe in “just enough” support that helps our consumers live at home in a safe and independent way. As we all know, it’s lovely to stay at home for as long as possible in a comfortable and meaningful environment.

A small amount of support enables people to focus on the things they’d prefer to do!

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What Can I Expect from NovaCare When Receiving Domestic Support?

It’s a privilege to be invited into a home. We aim to safeguard that trust.

Our consumers can expect to know the identity of the carer who is visiting their home. We try to surround our consumers with a small team who knows their story. In the event a new carer is going to visit the home, we will phone our consumer so that they’re aware of who’s coming.

You can expect our staff to be friendly, to be wearing a NovaCare uniform and to maximise the safety of everyone at the residence.

Maintaining the Stability of Services

At NovaCare, we do our best to match our staff to our consumers.

Over time, people develop positive and meaningful relationships with our staff. We become a part of people’s everyday lives. As such, it’s important that we try to maintain that same group of staff supporting the same client.

In the event a consumer has feedback regarding our staff, or their preferences (such as the preferences of a male or female staff member) – we will do our best to accommodate that.

Customer choice is very important. This is why “YOU” is one of our values – Whatever your choices, interests, needs and personality, you have our unwavering support to be the person you are, do the things you love and live the way you want.

Stay Connected With Your Community

Choosing the Frequency of Everyday Living Supports

If you decide to become a NovaCare consumer, we’ll work with you to identify a frequency of support that is mutually beneficial. Our client’s schedules is communicated in two ways

  • The NovaCare App – for people who wish to use this technology, they are able to login to view their calendar and schedule with us or
  • Office support – Clients are able to phone us 24/7 to be reminded or change their schedule

We understand that life happens and in times when our clients are sick, become unavailable or have other events pop up, we’ll communicate and reschedule things appropriately.

Read a Great Success Story

Margaret is a wonderful lady from Adamstown.

Margaret really loves the companionship and opportunities that come with NovaCare.

In fact, Margaret was a pioneer of our online wellbeing program called the “Strength, Balance and Relax” along with her friends. It’s a great program to perform at home whilst NovaCare carers are over.

Her feedback to our CEO was “this has helped me to focus myself, I love how calm I feel”. What a great result!

Contact NovaCare for HomeCare Services

If you know someone who’d benefit from us helping them at home, we’d love to hear from you. 

  • We are a not for profit organisation
  • We service the entirety of the Hunter
  • We are Australian owned and operated
  • You can phone us with any questions before proceeding

Please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

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  • Can we do other things (i.e. transport/shopping) whilst the carer is at my home?

    Typically not, unless otherwise discussed.

    At NovaCare, we can only provide domestic support when the person or a family member is at home.

  • At what point will NovaCare ask about my preferences?

    After contacting us and expressing interest in our homecare services, we will assign a case manager who will talk to you about what you find important.

    Examples include:

    • “I want my China to be lightly dusted”
    • “I don’t want people to clean my Bathroom, I like to do that”
    • “I have a cultural or religious preference I’d like you to follow”

    We respect all preferences of our clients.

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