Welcome the world into your home by connecting with our Virtual Day Centre and engaging with others. NovaCare makes it easy to utilise your phone, tablet or computer to join exercise classes, do your shopping, enjoy armchair travel, or to learn and listen.

Not sure how? We’ll show you how!

We’re here to help you or a family member to build the technology skills to access these great online services and to help you stay connected with others. It’s easier than you think.

Moove and Listen

Together with your support worker, you can choose to listen to entertaining podcasts or your favourite music, travel the virtual world to far flung places, take garden tours, attend religious services, play trivia, and revisit moments back in time. We will cater to your personal preferences for your enjoyment, stimulation and relaxation.

Online shopping and home delivery

NovaCare offers priority assistance online shopping with the support of our Shopping Coordinators. Grocery shopping online is a safe, flexible alternative with many great add-ons! NovaCare staff will assist you all the way, from registration to your table.

  • Don’t have an iPad? We do. NovaCare will set you up and provide ongoing support on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as you choose
  • Cashless shopping - no need to go to the bank
  • Delivered to your door by your NovaCare support worker
  • Shopping is packed away for you
  • We can even prepare a meal for you in your own home

Strength, Balance and Relax: In class or online

This gentle exercise session held weekly at Milpara is available for you to join online from home. From your chair or standing you will enjoy building strength in your arms, legs and abdomen. A pleasing blend of yoga, tai chi and pilates helps you stretch and breathe, improving posture and flexibility. At the close of each session you give yourself permission to relax. We leave feeling taller, stronger, calmer and ready for living!

The NovaCare App

The app is exclusive to clients and family so they can:

  • View schedules
  • Request changes
  • Receive updates around service change
  • Provide feedback on services

Hear what our participants have to say:

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